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I've known Mark for many years. We've actually known each other for decades. He helped me sell a home in Leola many years ago and purchase the home I most recently lived in. When working with Mark years ago, everything was smooth and handled efficiently. Earlier this year, when I was thinking of selling my home and moving to Woodcrest Villa, Mark was the first call I made.

Mark helped me develop a plan to be ready to sell the house on my timeline. He provided a good perspective on how the process would move forward, so I was comfortable when it was time to sell. He connected me with his qualified vendors who helped me prepare the home for the market. Having access to Mark's expert contacts was extremely valuable. 

When I was ready to list my house, I was so impressed with the ease of everything! Mark and Emily, his assistant, were attentive, organized and patient. They explained everything step-by-step. The process felt more like friends helping friends, not a business deal.

Testimonial - Judy Donnelly

Mark made me feel like I was his only client. He is a professional who knows the residential real estate industry very well. His confidence made me feel assured and kept my anxiety to a minimum. I was just along for the ride. Mark and his team did all the hard work. 

I was impressed with the amount of interest the home received. After listing on a Thursday, we had multiple offers by Tuesday. Mark reviewed these with me in detail. We agreed on the best offer. I couldn't have been more pleased! I needed to remain in the home for a short time until my new home at Woodcrest was ready. I was concerned about the possibility of moving twice, but Mark handled this seamlessly. The buyers were kind enough to wait. I remained in the house as I had hoped.

Before listing the home, many friends asked if I was planning to have an auction or sell the property myself. None of these options ever came to mind for a good reason. Mark is an expert; his wealth of experience and knowledge is immeasurable. After seeing Mark and his team in action, it was evident that he is at the top of his profession, with excellent contacts and a great network of experts. The process and power of working with a qualified real estate professional is unmatched, especially with Mark Thudium.


Jason Smith has graciously shared his story about working with Mark Thudium to sell his Parent's home, which was also his childhood home.

My wife and I have known Mark for several years. We previously lived in the same neighborhood in the Conestoga Valley area. A few years ago, my friend was looking to work with a calm and easy-going Realtor, and I knew Mark would be a good match. I observed as Mark worked successfully with my friend, and I knew if I ever needed a Realtor, he'd be who I'd call.

In 2021, my parents passed away within a few days of each other and it was my responsibility to sell the home they lived in, which was also my childhood home. I called Mark right away. I wanted to sell the house quickly and as is, and Mark helped make that happen. Mark is not pushy or demanding. He listened to what I needed, and he worked towards accomplishing that.

There were many moving parts with this transition, and I was amazed at Mark's ability to make the real estate part of this process so seamless. In addition to selling the home, I needed to help transition my adult brother, who lived with our parents, to an appropriate living environment for his needs. I was also working through all the possessions my parents had accumulated after 50 years of living in the home. In addition, there were some emotions connected with selling the family home as my grandfather had built the house in the 1940s. Mark quickly recognized these stressors and he stepped in to manage the entire real estate process with minimal needs from me. All I had to do was sign a few forms. Knowing I could depend on Mark took the stress away from a very stressful situation.

Testimonial - Jason Smith

 Mark and his assistant, Emily, were so wonderful. I was amazed that I didn't have to call or ask any questions because they gave me all the information ahead of time. All my questions were answered before I had even thought of them.

The home was on the market for 24 hours and we received a cash offer above the listing price. I was thrilled. It allowed me to set up a trust for my brother so that I knew he would be cared for moving forward. 

Mark made it all so easy, and I truly appreciated that. I didn't even need to go to the closing, which was excellent. Instead, I could focus on helping my brother get settled. I couldn't ask for a better experience! Mark was very gracious, kind, and forthcoming.



Harriett and Robert have graciously shared their story about working with Mark Thudium to sell their Leola home of 52 years and move to Landis Homes.

We have known Mark for many years as he previously lived in our neighborhood in Leola, and several years ago, he was also our grandson's little league coach. We felt very comfortable asking Mark to be our Realtor. We especially were pleased to work with Mark because he was familiar with selling homes in Conestoga Valley school district. We didn't even consider working with any other Realtors, we thought Mark would be the best, and he was.

Harriett and Robert Todd

We had been planning our move to Landis Homes and were waiting for notice that housing was available for us to move in. Once a place became available, we called Mark and asked for his help selling our home. 

Mark went over the process of listing and selling our home and explained exactly the steps he would take for a successful sale. We fixed a few minor things around the house and worked with Mark's stager to prep the home. Mark helped us list the home in December 2021, as we anticipated moving to Landis Homes in January 2022. 

Harriett and Robert

We appreciated the plan for showings and consolidating them into a few days. We stayed at a local hotel for a few days at Mark's suggestion. This was wise advice as it eliminated any repeated interruption into our daily lives, as our home was visited 48 times by prospective buyers.

We received 15 offers for our home. Mark and his assistant, Emily, reviewed the offers in depth before presenting them to us. Although a few buyers offered a higher sales price than the one we chose, Mark helped us evaluate all the proposals based on the buyer's financial strength, contract contingencies, and specific settlement timelines that worked best for us. We were confident that Mark helped us make the best choice.

We did have a slight hiccup at closing with the buyer. However, Mark & Emily helped us to navigate that issue quickly and efficiently. They acted as our liaisons and were excellent advocates to ensure that all went as planned. 

Mark is a true professional and extremely thorough when explaining the listing process. He has an excellent support team that helped us through every step. We appreciated his experience and dedication to ensuring our real estate transaction was successful!



Mike and Sandy Widder share their story about working with Mark Thudium to sell their Lititz home of 44 years.  

When it came time to sell our beloved family home of 44 years, we selected to work with Mark Thudium at the recommendation of our nephew. After meeting Mark and recognizing his experience, professionalism, and kind nature, we decided then and there to work with him. We did not need or want to interview any other Realtors.  

It was a challenging time for us, as we knew we wanted to sell our home, and we were ready to move to a retirement community and had already secured a place at Cornwall Manor in Lebanon. However, our hearts were not quite prepared to let go of the house that we raised our family in.  

Testimonial  - widder

Mark knew how to calm our nerves and ease us through the process of letting go of our home. We felt that he truly understood what we were going through and the emotional challenge of selling and leaving our home. His calm demeanor and genuine compassion eased our minds and helped us move forward with a smooth sale. He was our cheerleader, and we needed and appreciated that.  

We listed the home in December, which we were initially concerned about, but Mark assured us that he sells home every day of the year. He was right, the home was under contract quickly, and we were delighted with the offers we received.  

Mark has an excellent team, especially Emily, his assistant. She is very knowledgeable and keeps the entire process moving smoothly and efficiently. We felt the whole team, from the stager to the inspector, was there to help us, and we felt grateful to have a quality team working on our behalf. They kept us informed, constantly checked in, took control, and made it very simple.

We highly recommend Mark and his team! They know what they are doing and make you extremely comfortable with the process. Not only was he our Realtor, but he has become our friend! 


Mary Ellen & Thomas Dickson share their story about working with Mark Thudium to prepare and sell their home in Leola.

Several years ago, a friend told me that Mark Thudium is honest, fair, and an excellent Realtor to work with to sell a home. At the time, I was familiar with Mark through our school community, but I did not need a Realtor in the immediate future.

Years later, when my husband and I were making plans for retirement and to relocate, we knew we'd need to sell our home, located in Leola's Maples neighborhood. I remembered the positive recommendation I'd received for Mark. We met with Mark in the fall of 2020 with a plan to sell in the spring of 2021. Mark was easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about real estate. It was an easy decision to partner with him to sell our home.


During our initial meeting, Mark guided us on the most optimal ways to prepare our home that was practical and best suited for us. We considered replacing the original HVAC systems and roof (both 30 years old), but Mark suggested that we focus on some cosmetic changes. We replaced countertops and some floors, refinished hardwood floors, removed wallpaper and painted. We didn't need to list our home till the spring of 2021, so we took the winter to work on those projects.

Instead of replacing the HVAC system and the roof, Mark suggested we have a pre-listing home inspection done to share with potential buyers. He suspected that the inspector would say that – even though our HVAC and roof were 30 years old, they were in good working order – he was right! While Mark wanted to give potential buyers an accurate understanding of the home's condition, he saved us from spending $20,000 - $30,000 on replacing those major systems.


Our home went on the market in May 2021. We wanted to price it to sell, and Mark helped us determine the best price to achieve that. Within a few days, we had multiple offers, all well above the listing price. We were blown away by the quality of offers we received. Mark discussed each offer in detail, providing the pros and cons of each. His transparency in reviewing each offer displayed his strong commitment to being an honest and ethical Realtor. It enabled us to select the strongest and best offer for us. 

Mark is extremely personable, easy to work with, trustworthy, and familiar with current markets. I have recommended him and will continue to recommend him as he is a valuable partner in selling or buying a home regardless of your stage of life.


Don & Kathy have graciously shared their story about working with Mark Thudium to sell their Ephrata home of 42 years and move to Warwick Woodlands.


We were referred to Mark by a friend who had recently worked with Mark to sell their home. Our friend indicated that Mark has excellent leadership skills and a very relaxed demeanor. They had a lot of confidence in his skills and assured us he'd be a great Realtor for us.  

We met with Mark but also met with two other Realtors. Mark's experience and his relaxed but confident outlook truly stood out to us. We also liked the plan he suggested for selling our home, so we decided to move forward with Mark as our Realtor, and it was a great decision.


We had lived in our home for 42 years so this was the first time we were selling a home. We found that we could truly trust Mark and Emily, his assistant, to guide us through the process, which was completely new to us. Mark gave us advice on how to present the home and assured us along the way of some of the concerns and questions we had. 

Mark connected us with a stager who helped us put the final touches on the home prior to listing it. When it came time to set the list price, Mark worked with us to determine the price. We were grateful it was a joint decision and that he listened to our input.

TestimonialWe appreciated that Mark and Emily were always available to answer any questions we had. We were so happy to have their guidance on the necessary paperwork. They were both reassuring through the whole process and eased our thoughts and concerns.

When it was time to review the offers, Mark's guidance and his experience were invaluable as he helped us to determine which offer was the strongest. When we closed on the home the world was starting to shut down for COVID. Emily and Mark stayed the course to ensure there were no delays, and we were able to close on the home successfully, right before the shutdown. 

Mark & Emily continue to remain in touch with us, which is really appreciated as they know we won't have a need for a Realtor again, but they stay in touch and include us in Mark's client events. We've recommended Mark a few times and will continue to give a great recommendation for him.



Doug Good shares his perspective working with Mark Thudium professionally, as a Real Estate Attorney, as well as his personal experience working with Mark to sell his own home.

I've known Mark for many years. We initially met through CV Little League. I was impressed with Mark's dedication and his involvement and support of our community. It was important to me to work with a community-minded Realtor, and that's why I initially decided to start working with Mark professionally. 

As a Real Estate Attorney, I refer my clients to Realtors regularly, and Mark is one of the Realtors that I recommend. The first time one of my clients worked with Mark and his team they did an excellent job. Mark was very proactive and prompt. He completed thorough research to price the property appropriately. He and his team's communication skills were exceptional. They kept my clients and me up to date on the progress of the real estate transaction. It's a huge benefit to work with a Realtor that manages the process without ever having to worry, and that's always the case when my clients work with Mark.

 Doug Good Testimonial - Mark Thudium

Over the past 15 years, I've referred several clients to Mark. I could see how well Mark worked with them. That motivated me to work with Mark when I planned to sell my own home. Choosing Mark as my Realtor was an easy decision to make since so many of my clients had such a positive experience with him.

Mark is very professional and gave proper attention to my property. We were selling during a seller's market, and I valued Mark's recommendations for pricing the property, and his ability to help us identify the best offer. Mark is very aware of the current real estate market and offered convincing research to help us move the property to sale and settlement effectively and efficiently. Mark and Emily, his assistant, made the process very smooth, kept us informed, and were very responsive to our questions.

Doug and Linda GoodDoug & Linda Good

Mark has respect for the people he's working with, and he delivers results. It's not just the final sale – it's the whole experience. From the first meeting to the closing, Mark works with you and for you the entire time. Anyone who chooses to work with Mark and his team will be very happy with the process, procedure, and results. I've recommended Mark many times and will continue to do so.



Bruce and Sally Ott have graciously shared their story about working with Mark Thudium to sell their Lititz home of 31 years and move to Luther Acres.


We learned of Mark through a neighbor who had recently worked with Mark to sell her home. Our neighbor spoke so highly of Mark and had such a positive experience that we chose to work with Mark based on her recommendation. After meeting Mark, we quickly recognized that he is very professional, extremely experienced, and has a very comfortable demeanor.


We lived in our home for 31 years and purchased the home privately, so we did not have a lot of past real estate transaction experience, nor had we sold a home before. Mark put us at ease and was very helpful in leading us through the process. 

Bruce Sally Ott

 Sally & Bruce Ott pictured with their rabbit - Honey Bunny.

Mark guided us on the steps to take to prepare the home for the market. He suggested a pre-listing inspection, which was valuable to complete in advance of the sale. He did not think it was necessary to make any cosmetic changes, as the house was in great shape. We appreciated that Mark was looking out for our benefit and did not want to waste time or money on a lot of cosmetic upgrades when it wasn't necessary. 


Mark worked hand-in-hand with us through the whole process, from helping us with our seller's disclosure paperwork to guiding us on setting a price. Having never filled out a seller's disclosure before, Mark took the time to help us accurately complete the paperwork, and I appreciated his time and attention to detail. He provided research and guidance regarding a price but allowed us to help set the price which was important to us. 

Ott Testimonial


We were thrilled with the activity our home received and the number of quality offers we got. We were unsure of what to expect and were highly impressed with Mark's capabilities to sell our home and his ability to negotiate on our behalf. Mark truly worked as our advocate, and we felt our best interest was always at the forefront of his mind. 


Mark is honest and straightforward. We valued his expertise, input, and opinion, but he always let the final decision be ours. We felt like it was a team approach working with Mark and his assistant Emily. If we had a question, they got back to us with an answer right away. Even when Mark was on vacation, he connected with us via Zoom, demonstrating that he truly valued the importance of being present and available to his clients.


We appreciated everything Mark did to help us, and we've enjoyed our continued friendship with Mark well beyond our real estate experience. We gladly recommend him as a Realtor.


Dave & Janet Chalfant have graciously shared their story about working with Mark Thudium to sell their home of 34 years.

"We were looking to sell our Akron home of 34 years and make the move to a carriage house in Warwick Woodlands. We needed to find a Realtor to help us with this transition.

We first heard of Mark from our friends who had worked with him to sell the home they lived in for 50 years. They had a positive experience and they highly recommended Mark. They were so pleased working with Mark that we decided to go with their recommendation. We didn't even call anyone else because their opinion of him was so high.

Janet Dave Chalfant 

A huge benefit to working with Mark is his extensive list of vendors that we had access to. Mark put us in touch with a painter, handyman, inspector, stager, and photographer. All of these vendors were trustworthy and well-vetted, and it just made the entire process of getting our home ready for the market a lot less stressful.

We also benefited greatly from Mark's advice to perform a pre-listing inspection. The inspector found some things that we weren't aware of. In particular, the inspector discovered a potentially hazardous issue with our electric service connection outside the home. This issue could only be fixed by PPL. It took more than a month to coordinate with PPL to correct the issue. If we hadn't done a pre-listing inspection and discovered this issue later – it would have extended our closing time and possibly could've deterred potential buyers.

As soon as our home was ready for market, the pandemic hit. Everything halted, including the construction on our carriage house in Warwick Woodlands. We had no idea when we would be able to list our current home or move into our new home.


We trusted Mark, and as soon as we were able to list the house we did. We had more than multiple showings in a short amount of time and received a couple of great offers. Mark reviewed what he thought were the pros and cons of each offer in a thorough and easy-to-understand manner, and he even negotiated the contract so that we could remain until our cottage was ready.

We have and will continue to recommend Mark. He is so comfortable and easy to talk to. We were able to share our concerns and wishes with him, and he listened. He is honest, professional, and he has a wealth of experience and a very good reputation."



Bonnie & John Eshbach share their story about working with Mark Thudium to sell their home of 46 years and move to Landis Homes

"In August of 2019, we found out that a Landis Homes cottage would be available for us to move into in February 2020. We felt comfortable with the time-frame. We thought it was too soon to sell our home right away in August. Plus, we needed the extra time to pack up our home in Manheim Township, and we still needed to find a Realtor.

Bonnie and Jim Eshbach

At the recommendation of our now-retired Realtor, we met with Mark. After the first meeting, we knew we'd work with him. Mark is prompt, organized, and comfortable to interact with.

Mark encouraged us to list and sell the home in September 2019. We did not want to be displaced to a temporary living arrangement until we could move into the cottage in February. Mark was a step ahead of us and had a solution to that concern. Mark wrote a clause into the sale of the home so we could have the option to rent back our home from the new owner until our cottage was move-in ready.

It was a win-win scenario! We could list and sell our home now and then remain in our own home, taking our time to pack up our belongings until the cottage at Landis Homes was ready. It could not have worked out more beautifully. It was a perfect stress-free solution, and we are so grateful that he presented the option to us.

We sold our home quickly, and for more than asking price! Renting back our home from the new owners was seamless. Everything was handled directly through Mark and his outstanding team at Berkshire Hathaway!

Testimonial - Eshbach

We are so grateful to Mark, because if we had waited to list our home until February 2020 we may have struggled to sell and move to Landis Homes amongst COVID-19. We were so lucky to have Mark's expertise to guide us through the process.

Mark is wonderful to work with. He is trustworthy, detail-oriented, always available, and willing to answer any questions as quickly as possible. We are so pleased that he was our Realtor!"

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